Welcome to the Hole in the Sky Campaign.

The characters can be members of the Radical Renaissance Re-creators, a social club that enjoys recreating and role-playing in a pretend Renaissance with costumes, weapons, technology and social structures. The RRR are meeting in Perdition, a somewhat rundown ex-mining town in the Sierra Nevada mountains, about an hour from Bakersfield in an area called Lost Valley.

Alternatively, the characters can be locals from the town or from the nearby Melody Ranch, a sort of dude ranch/summer music camp for talented teen-agers. Or one of the mountaineer types from the area outside the town. Or some other visitor to the town who has a good reason for being there, like the motorcycle gang, see below.

There are about 190 locals, including children and the very aged and the staff of Melody Ranch. There are about 40 of the RRR meeting for a weekend of fun and re-creation. Since there are only six motel rooms in town, most of the RRR are camping out in the local campground. There are also about 40 students at the Melody Ranch, ranging in age from 14 to 19.

There is also an “outlaw” motorcycle gang calling themselves Los Perdidos that hangs out at the one restaurant in town, The Lost Diner. The Lost Diner is part of a long building that is also the local post office, general store, laundromat and filling station. Behind it are the six one room motel cabins.

Law Enforcement presence is limited to one Sheriff’s Deputy and one State Park Ranger, who share an office near the campground. The town does not have a mayor or city government, such functions are taken care of by the County of Tulare and the State of California whose sole representatives in the area are the Deputy and the Ranger mentioned above. Players can choose to be one of these, if they like.

There is one church in town, The Reconstructed Temple of Latter Day Saints, with a reverend and four women and six children who live with him. There are five other families of RTLDS in town.

At the other end of town is the only other large business in the area, the Sierra Divine Furniture Factory, a small sawmill, woodshop and furniture factory. This has been idle for quite some time but the equipment is still there. The owner is also the local propane salesman and runs the water system for the settlement on contract with the county. Behind the little sawmill are two large water tanks, one wood and one metal. There’s also a large propane tank and a truck to deliver such stuff.

West, down the mountain from the town center is the county/state Road Yard with stored equipment and supplies. There’s another sawmill here, too.

Farther down the hill is Melody Ranch, a somewhat haphazard collection of classrooms, stables, dormitories and other buildings serving the school and dude ranch. In the winter, people come to ski. There are four families who run Melody Ranch, including one registered nurse, and various other appropriate professionals.

Just above the town is Skytrain Commune where a small group of very early hippies have been trying to rebuild a WWII vintage gryocopter. No one knows exactly why but one of the only two medical professionals in town, a dentist, is a member of the commune. By reputation, the Communists (that’s what the townspeople call them) are members of a cult called the Temple of Seven Mothers.

Still further up the mountain lies the Hole in the Sky Lodge and near it the abandoned Silver Mine that gave the lodge its name. Currently the property is leased to a retired university professor who has set up an amateur Observatory on the peak of nearby Mount Gonsalvo . There are a number of unused rooms in the lodge but the professor will only let his academic friends and former students use any of them.

The mine still contains workable silver ore but the economics do not favor reopening the dig because the silver is contaminated with lead and mercury and it isn’t currently worth processing and transportation costs with silver prices so low.

On the south edge of town is the Midway Campground being used by the RRR with booths for crafts and a tourney field for competitions.

A few scattered mountain men and hermits have cabins away from town but the whole population of the area, including visitors, is still less than 300 people.

Southeast of the town is another Aspen Campground and a Shooting Range used by townsfolk and the RRR. There’s also a Gravel Mine along the road to the campground.

At 7:18 PM on August 6, 1960, a few minutes before sundown, a strange cosmic phenomenon caused the area within an approximate six mile radius circle around the Hole in the Sky mine to disappear from ordinary reality and reappear in the Atlas Mountains sometime between the Second Punic War and the Third one.

The town, several miles of roads and outlying areas and three mountain peaks were within the circle.

Hole in the Sky