Los Perdidos

The Los Perdidos Motorcycle Club is centered around Bakersfield California and owns and operates Sierra Nevada Washomats which runs laundromats and vending machines in several mountain and desert communities in east central California. All but one of the Lost Boys (aka) rides a Harley Davidson motorcycle. The club conducts business on the road and are in town to meet up with one of their delivery truck drivers and also collect the money from the laundromat.

Len Dayton is the club president, his father put up the money for buying the laundromats and vending machines. Len is about 30, fairly smart and medium tough. He keeps the club in line with money and drugs. His girlfriend, Joan Swit, a bleached blonde, rides on the back of his bike. Len carries a snub-nosed 38 revolver in his boot top and two knives. Joan carries a 22 automatic and a knife. Joan speaks broken German and Len broken Spanish.

Vice president is Chooky Arnold, he’s Len’s muscle when needed. Chooky carries a baseball bat with strips of steel nailed to it and a machete. Chooky is a little too mean and stupid to have a regular girlfriend and the back of his bike is empty on this little trip. Chooky is illiterate even in his native English but manages a bit of broken Spanish.

Artie Gutierrez is the club treasurer, usually carrying about half of the money they have collected from vending machines and laundromats in his saddlebags; Len carries the rest. Artie has an illegal sawed off shotgun and a couple of knives. Meg, his wife, rides on the back of his bike and has a hog Colt 44 in her pouch as well as three throwing knives. Artie speaks accented Spanish and so does Meg.

Thud Henry is the biggest member of the club and rides an Indian with a sidecar. Thud has brass knuckles and a Bowie knife. His partner in the sidecar is Bellatriz Sabado, a part Apache woman with a rifle and a machete and several knives. Bellatriz is the group cook favoring spicy dishes. Thud speaks native English and accented Spanish. Bellatriz speaks accented English, and native Spanish and Apache.

Link Pedorsky rides a Harley solo and uses a bicycle chain as his weapon of choice though he also has knives. His partner is Ellie Sweet on her own Harley, she is a singer and carries a knife and a .32 automatic. Link speaks native English and broken Polish. Ellie speaks native English and accented French.

All of the Perdidos wear studded leathers and have helmets to wear, though they usually don’t.

Carson “Cash” Kissee is the driver of the supply truck but not an official member of Los Perdidos. He speaks only native English and carries a Colt 1911 automatic under the seat of his truck as well as a boot knife. He’s addicted to uppers and is a chain smoker, too. During the war, he was an aircraft mechanic.

Los Perdidos

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