Melody Ranch

Melody Ranch is a dude ranch/ski resort/summer camp/music camp just west of Perdition on State Route 196. It’s about 400 acres but about half of that is forested slopes not much good for anything except hiking since hunting is not allowed on the property.

In the summer and fall, Melody Ranch is operated as a dude ranch where city folk can lear not be real ranch hands. In the winter, it serves as a ski resort; however the best slopes are further up the mountains. Starting around April 1, Melody Ranch offers music camps for students from California and all over the world.

These camps are usually four to eight weeks long and generally four or five schedules are offered between April and October.

Currently, the ranch has 42 students in two camps with overlapping schedules. The shorter four-week summer camp is for boys ages 12 to 15. There are eighteen boys staying in bunkhouses C and D.

The longer six week music camp is for girls 14-18 from high school band programs all over the West. There are 24 girls staying in bunkhouses A and B and two of the cabins.

Each bunkhouse has one or more adults living in it also and there are six cabins plus the Big House. Other buildings include a kitchen, a mess hall, stables and supply buildings.

Melody Ranch

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