Perdition is a small town in the southern reaches of Sierra Nevada in an area called Lost Valley. At one time, it was a mining camp where people first panned for gold, and later dug silver out of the mountain. It had a brief revival during WWII, due to processing the silver ore to extract mercury for munitions. Since the war ended, however, the economics of mining in the area just don’t make sense and the town is trying to reinvent itself as a tourist destination.

Several large campgrounds have been established but are rather primitive so far. They are policed by Sheriff’s Deputies, State Rangers and occasionally by a National Forestry Ranger. The State Highway Patrol also drives along State Route 196 through the town.

The town itself has running water and electricity but each homeowner is responsible for heating fuel (usually butane/propane) and sewage (usually cesspools and/or leach fields). A sewage pumper truck is available in town as needed to pump out cesspools and haul the glop down to the Porterville sewage treatment plant.

There is no television reception but several AM radio stations can be received with a good enough antenna and there are ham radio operators in the area besides the local police.

There is a volunteer fire department with a tanker, a small pumper and a crash truck that can serve as an ambulance. Various agencies contribute to the upkeep of the equipment. Nearby Melody Ranch also has some emergency equipment.

There are no medical services in town, though there are a few people who have some medical training.

There is no school in town, other than the summer band school at Melody Ranch. Kids are bussed down to Porterville for school.

There is no town council and the county supervisor for the area lives in a larger settlement further down the mountain. The nearest thing to organized government are the Forest Ranger and County Deputy who share an office off the highway, the yard man who maintains county and state road equipment and polishes the fire engine and snowplow, the volunteer fire department and the faculty of Melody Ranch.


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